Arilogy - the study of nerves and valves

Lets discuss Arilogy first as this needs to be clear for my readers. Well, arilogy is the study of Anthropic Revealance of Insight. I personally found only two sides of everything, so Arilogy for me is the study of NERVES & VALVES as the two sides of human. Some humans do have Brains and Hearts but if we remotely concentrate on the core we will find that our Nerves plays major role in the formation of Brain, and Valves do in case of Heart. I guess i am one of the species of human so i also do everything only on 2 fronts either nerves or valves. Here in this whole arilogy world we will find analogies and analysis on the basis of Nerves and Valves.

This is a kind of online platform or precisely blog where i would like to reveal and write whatever i think about Science, Politics, Sports, Technology, Friends etc. I am obliged to all those times of my life which leads me to enlighten myself with so many acceptable and non-acceptable morals to discuss here.

Lets come out from those “relaxed nerves and unbeaten valves”. Here comes my identity as Ari. Before writing further lets get into the another core of arilogy. Here we go:

Everything in this world – Starts with Love, Continues with War, Ends with Sacrifice. I think we can imagine every little episode of our life with love, war, sacrifice. I say our college life is best suitable example. I pointed college life because this is the only part which i have found or lived on my own. In all parts of life you will find some ground to play the whole character, in my case it was my college and the character was Ari. Now the life has come to the proposed real ground to build and the character needs to be driven through arilogy.