Big ShowMan

Dhiren Achtani

I was thinking to write something about my friends. I have written about them in their social networking avtaars but still i want everyone to see them in terms of arilogy. This is for one of my closest friends Dhiren Achtani.

I do not recall when we met first time in our college, i think it must be during our to and fro journey back to home in early weeks of our college.  I happen to remember a very early event we encountered or made in RTV (rural transport vehicle) from our college to the urban land of delhi.

It was raining, me, anand and dhiren were waiting for some transport. RTV came and few more first year students along with us board this RTV. Dhiren and Anand joined the seats with driver and ofcourse i was left for some (i wish this should not be happened) beautiful incidence. I had an umbrella with me which was soaked with lots of water and now it was time to fold it and pack it back into my bag. Before this simple expercise i strangely shaken that umbrella to reduce some water out of it, and by doing that i incidently happen to shower some extra drops to the people around me that too inside the RTV. It was unexpected to see smile on some pretty faces sitting around me. Now what you call at first sight did not happen this time, but something crossed in my mind. This incident was one of the sweetest events from that college memeories. After this our RTV got some movement and we guys as usual started our youth-talks of those times.

In some another incidence from our 1st semester: me , dhiren, guru planned to watch some movie. Incidentlly that day it was also raining and we went to PVR Janakpuri to watch Bips movie JISM. It was my first intentional BUNK from  college lectures otherwise this credit was always shared with our lecturers in mutual with whole class. I drove my car to PVR and parked it just behind another similar color car. Dhiren went off to buy the movie tickets and in his return way, he just happened to sit inside a car just similar to our car. Me and Guru just rolled on our seats laughing badly and after few seconds faint faced dhiren joined us. Only me and guru (GurKirpal singh) can imagine the way dhiren got into that similar car and closed the door like his own car and then got down like nothing has happened. That day i found one of the qaulities of Dhiren to handle unusual incidences with witty and cool nerves.

A quick conclusion drawn on few similar and other incidences weighs this big guy on Nerves side. We anyhow together shared and worked on those things very well which requires indulgence of witt, brains, thoughts, logics etc. Me and dhiren are quite compatibles when it comes to nerves as we think very much similar and bring close conclusions though we are two different brains.

But my idea of writing do not go without putting NERVES on hold as VALVES are of much more concern this time. Yup lets find out some valves beats.

It was another college fest night, if i am not mistaken it was PULSE 2003 in AIIMS. Anupam, Dhiren, Gopal me and Vicky were trying to manage some passes to get into the auditorium to see some pure heart breaking ramp-parade. Interestingly, the big boss Dhiren started some candid conversation with some girl. The girl was mind-blowing as by default every unknown girl looks same in night “OWL OWL”. Suddenly, the door of the auditorium opened and we all fled into the auditorium. Look who is missing?
Dhiren was nowhere and i was trying his cell-phone and feeling bad about him as well. My cell-phone flashed a message saying “i am back-stage”. Dhiren was having good time chirping with Maitry College birds, and after some time he returned from the front-stage to us and was happy to behave like a bully LOL.

This time it was our DCE Grad-Party at Last Chance Discotheque. Every next guy was boozing around and some beginners were vomiting as well. Everything was going fine and some last sights were chasing towards end. Dhiren also beat few valves here as well and this time thanks to the other side. After that party got over we all went to comesum near Nizamuddin Railway Station and stayed there for an hour and then went to SDA Railway Platform and had chat about our life at DCE which i do not recall but it would have been some confessions i suppose.

Arihant Jain (left) and Dhiren Achtani (right)

Dhiren and me had very good time together in college and share very strong bond. It is not tough to find good friends but spending good time with good friends makes you best friends. College got over, professional life started but still we have a long way to know more and more as some new Nerves and Valves keep evolving in our lives. I wish we will get some phase later on in our lives to spend more time either as a B-school students or some B-venture partners.