Why AriZone?

AriZone - Nerves & Valves

I was looking for a space where I can share and tell my views. Though my views are supposed to be mine but I think they are not completely mine. Everyone in this world is influenced and inspired by some individuals. Hopefully and eventually I also belong to the same world and found some people whom I admired and actually got influenced and inspired too. From my trusted memories I can recall Shukla Sir and of course SRK (strictly no comparisions) as the persons whom I found have made influence on me. Like many Indians I am also inspired from B-Tycoons DBA and LNM. The list does’t ends here and supposed to be the beginning of inspiration.

Explaining oneself is not as easy as it is supposed to be granted for no reasons. Anyways I comprehended very little about me but I am successful in finding the reason for my doings. If you remember when we used to prove theorems in mathematics in our school, we use to take an assumption which finally leads to the conclusion. Similarly, I used to take an assumption about everything including friends, strangers, concerned identities etc. My assumptions are leading me to results but those results are not widely accepted as usual but the conclusions are always appreciated.
I think one should not stop performing in anyways as you will never know how many people around will get inspired from your doings. But do keep track about your influence which might be taken as positive or negative. Now here comes the twist in the tale. Either you should perform where you are able to get recognized or you should stop thinking about getting recognition but do not stop performing.

Here I am articulate about myself. I suppose i say true things blatantly without giving damn thought to explain it further. Well that’s being honest and loyal for humanity or just me. But never mind that I do keep preparation to explain it further to any extent, it is just people don’t ask. [bliss]

I know I am just complicated for nerves to make valves beat longer. Cheers!