Arilogy - the study of nerves and valves

Once one of my friends disclosed his view about me and said “Only few peoples or rarely any people thinks like you, thats why nobody gets you”. From that day i started simplifying those thinkings of mine which needs to be expressed around. What a relaxation when people were finally getting you and thinks that you are not that any more.

Simply at i am not trying to simplifying what i think, but instead bridging the gap in the thinking and way of expressing them to individuals. I hope that just not being dual but a treatment to find analogy in humanology by the way of arilogy. Well, before taking on discussions lets break the human interpretation into 2 ways. One minute lets bring a bit of science into it before mixing and bringing any interpretation. Human are driven on two fronts one is Brains and second is hearts as the two clinical parameters leading to the actions performed by humans. Similarly at we will find every article/expression driven by NERVES and VALVES. We will also try to find conclusions that how these 2 fronts of human leads and lags in various situations.

Hope this time i am not circumlocating and disguising the words as i am supposed to do all times. Lets simplify together !!!