My Learning (Gyan) on Start-up ventures

Few days ago, i had a discussion with my Graduate school friend on start-ups life cycle and their success. Some of the points mentioned below may interest you and could help you as well.

Few points about Start-up life cycle:
1- On an average Out of 100 start-ups, 90 start-ups dies in within 1 year.
2- Those who survives (say 10) keep themselves on Ventilator via Loans or Family support.
3- Rarely 1 out of balance 10 emerge as a winner after 3-5 years.
4- Incidentally there is no real quick way to ride on growth curve.
5- If your venture is successful, then just imagine its liability and assets after 10 years, you will be amazed that liabilities will remain more with growing assets size.

Why Less start-ups:
1- Success ratio is very less.
2- Family opinions differ maximum times as they know things better than us and we keep disagreeing due to our own intuitions and ambitions. But in maximum cases Family do support once you start, that’s a blessing!.
3- Only very few people start a start-up as their full-time, so they are not vocal about it and only close ones get to know about their start-up.
4- Those who start full-time does not speak loud about their start-up as it adds more pressure and being loud does not bring huge business and success as well.

My learnings (Gyan) so far:
1- Your B-plan should be very very clear and discuss it with any tom-dick&harry. If you feel your B-plan is unique, then google and you will find that more than 100 people had already failed it.
2- Your approach has to be different for Product oriented or Service oriented venture.
3- Know yourself first rather than judging your team members and their strengths.
4- Your core member team is always virtual, everyone has their own back-up plans with less strings attached. Still do count on your core team to find the long term partner(s) among them.
5- Only hire highly committed and dedicated employees and kindly release them as early as possible if they are not meeting their targets.
5- Profitable business comes more from business relations, once you become a stable and trusted ventures.
6- You have to lose something to gain something.
7- Reach your office to learn more gyan.


Arilogy - the study of nerves and valves

Once one of my friends disclosed his view about me and said “Only few peoples or rarely any people thinks like you, thats why nobody gets you”. From that day i started simplifying those thinkings of mine which needs to be expressed around. What a relaxation when people were finally getting you and thinks that you are not that any more.

Simply at i am not trying to simplifying what i think, but instead bridging the gap in the thinking and way of expressing them to individuals. I hope that just not being dual but a treatment to find analogy in humanology by the way of arilogy. Well, before taking on discussions lets break the human interpretation into 2 ways. One minute lets bring a bit of science into it before mixing and bringing any interpretation. Human are driven on two fronts one is Brains and second is hearts as the two clinical parameters leading to the actions performed by humans. Similarly at we will find every article/expression driven by NERVES and VALVES. We will also try to find conclusions that how these 2 fronts of human leads and lags in various situations.

Hope this time i am not circumlocating and disguising the words as i am supposed to do all times. Lets simplify together !!!

Why AriZone?

AriZone - Nerves & Valves

I was looking for a space where I can share and tell my views. Though my views are supposed to be mine but I think they are not completely mine. Everyone in this world is influenced and inspired by some individuals. Hopefully and eventually I also belong to the same world and found some people whom I admired and actually got influenced and inspired too. From my trusted memories I can recall Shukla Sir and of course SRK (strictly no comparisions) as the persons whom I found have made influence on me. Like many Indians I am also inspired from B-Tycoons DBA and LNM. The list does’t ends here and supposed to be the beginning of inspiration.

Explaining oneself is not as easy as it is supposed to be granted for no reasons. Anyways I comprehended very little about me but I am successful in finding the reason for my doings. If you remember when we used to prove theorems in mathematics in our school, we use to take an assumption which finally leads to the conclusion. Similarly, I used to take an assumption about everything including friends, strangers, concerned identities etc. My assumptions are leading me to results but those results are not widely accepted as usual but the conclusions are always appreciated.
I think one should not stop performing in anyways as you will never know how many people around will get inspired from your doings. But do keep track about your influence which might be taken as positive or negative. Now here comes the twist in the tale. Either you should perform where you are able to get recognized or you should stop thinking about getting recognition but do not stop performing.

Here I am articulate about myself. I suppose i say true things blatantly without giving damn thought to explain it further. Well that’s being honest and loyal for humanity or just me. But never mind that I do keep preparation to explain it further to any extent, it is just people don’t ask. [bliss]

I know I am just complicated for nerves to make valves beat longer. Cheers!


Arilogy - the study of nerves and valves

Lets discuss Arilogy first as this needs to be clear for my readers. Well, arilogy is the study of Anthropic Revealance of Insight. I personally found only two sides of everything, so Arilogy for me is the study of NERVES & VALVES as the two sides of human. Some humans do have Brains and Hearts but if we remotely concentrate on the core we will find that our Nerves plays major role in the formation of Brain, and Valves do in case of Heart. I guess i am one of the species of human so i also do everything only on 2 fronts either nerves or valves. Here in this whole arilogy world we will find analogies and analysis on the basis of Nerves and Valves.

This is a kind of online platform or precisely blog where i would like to reveal and write whatever i think about Science, Politics, Sports, Technology, Friends etc. I am obliged to all those times of my life which leads me to enlighten myself with so many acceptable and non-acceptable morals to discuss here.

Lets come out from those “relaxed nerves and unbeaten valves”. Here comes my identity as Ari. Before writing further lets get into the another core of arilogy. Here we go:

Everything in this world – Starts with Love, Continues with War, Ends with Sacrifice. I think we can imagine every little episode of our life with love, war, sacrifice. I say our college life is best suitable example. I pointed college life because this is the only part which i have found or lived on my own. In all parts of life you will find some ground to play the whole character, in my case it was my college and the character was Ari. Now the life has come to the proposed real ground to build and the character needs to be driven through arilogy.