About me

Arihant Jain

For me the life-cycle of every task is as follows:
It starts with LOVE, continues with WAR and ends with SACRIFICE.

A perfect term for me is VOLATILE. I am not born volatile, but repeated morals of every story in life at different grounds in different games with different players does not make big difference anymore.

Scientifically a state of volatility means, you do not feel any compression or pressure out of the simulated environment around you and you are free to expand in some directions. Let me elaborate it further in terms of Arilogy.

Integrated view of Nerves, Valves, Love, War and Sacrifice
Nerves control the scenario of WAR and Valves control the scenario of Love. When both of them either fail or succeed Sacrifice happens. In every task of life from studying, loving, playing, working, partying, sporting one thing is common for every human being and it is the governing mechanism (nerves and valves) of our doings. Every task has different level of ignition for our Nerves and Valves thats why sometimes we start with War for few tasks.

Forming a Triangle with Love, War and Sacrifice
Once you do thorough analysis of your tasks you will find each task making a complete triangle with following vertices: Love, war and sacrifice. For every task of every human being the direction may be clockwise or anti-clockwise to make a complete triangle. A 2-dimentional view of majority of the people end here and they always feel un-stable, but for some people to feel the stability there exists the 3-dimentional structure of this triangle, and it is Tetrahedron.

Stabilizing the Triangle
To make a complete tetrahedron from a triangle having love, war and sacrifice as vertices, one has to fix the triangle and begin the approach from all three vertices towards the common point. Once the common path is made out of the three vertices, you are stable and have found the most stable state for your existance. Philosophically, this common path from love, war and sacrifice is not a big deal but constantly walking on that path is very hard to sustain.

Analysis of Roles
To find the common path from a triangle of love, war and sacrifice, the role of nerves and valves are equally important as they help you to make the best triangle with best required dimension. Most of us fails in assigning the right dimension for triangle sides: love and war, war and sacrifice, sacrifice and love. Those who succeed to give the best dimensions procced towards the common path to make tetrahedron.

Art of Volatility
When things start repeating around you, you find some sense to make the triangle of love, war and sacrifice in a defined boundry where the sides of triangle will take dimensions accordingly. Once you are clear that the dimensions of your triangle sides are coinciding most of the times with every task, you should start your common path towards stability of triangle to form tetrahedron. The best practice i found is Volatility where we assume the dimensions of the triangle fixed in certain boundries and you are free to move on your common paths to meet the common point of existence.